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Solar, Wind & Watts Roadshow Visits Marlin School

20161102_144459-2Thank you Marlin Dragons! We had a great time teaching the 2-4th grade classes about renewable energy resources and energy conservation!20161102_142358-2The  lessons are taught by representatives from the MCEC and Environmental Science students from Harmony School. We are using this unique approach to teaching because we know that youth can be catalysts for change in our community and the world. 20161102_144207-2The program  design incorporates various ages of learners because conducting educational outreach provides older students with leadership experience, as well as can make the lessons more fun for the younger learners.  20161102_143828-2Activities include solar car races, discovering how wind turbines generate electricity,  exploring the watt demand of common appliances and pedaling an energy bike to power various types of light bulbs.

The program launched on October 18th, 2016 and will visit 6 schools, 17 classes and over 370 students in Monroe County by the end of November. Thank you to Harmony Environmental Science students for being  fantastic community leaders and teachers!

Interested in bringing the Roadshow to your classroom?

Our current program is full, but contact Jackie Duemler at MoCoEnergyChallenge@gmail.com to find out about future opportunities.