Task of the Month

The Task of the Month is a list of easy-to-do, low-cost strategies for making your home more efficient. Each of the tasks help you save energy and money!

Both renters and owners can participate in the Monroe County Energy Challenge by completing monthly tasks.  And if you participate in Task of the Month for one year, you could save over $500 in energy costs.

For the renters Task of the Month list, click here.

For the owners Task of the Month list, click here.

  • For the Chinese version, click here.
  • For the Spanish version, click here.

 Task of the Month: Weatherize Windows and Doors
to Prevent Cold Air Infiltration 

You can easily save $150 or more this heating season by spending an afternoon weatherizing your home! It’s a simple process that can be accomplished after a trip to your local home store and few hours attention. 
  • Add plastic film to the inside of your windows to create an extra air barrier, keeping the cold out. These are especially effective in older homes.
  • Caulk around both the outside and inside of window and door frames. Use removable rope caulk to seal areas you don’t want sealed year-round.
  • Add weatherstripping around outside doors, and add a doorsweep to the bottom of the door to prevent cold air infiltration.
  • Install foam gaskets behind wall plates of electrical outlets and light switches on outside walls.
  • Pull your blinds and/or curtains closed when away and at night.
  • Take the dimensions and photos of your exterior doors to your local hardware store for help purchasing the correct weather stripping.
  • Want all 12 posters? Click HERE.

Task for renters: Enter your energy data on Rent Rocket!

In an effort to help renters find the most affordable apartments around town, especially those with low utility costs, we are asking that renters help us out by entering their utility data on RentRocket.org!


4 thoughts on “Task of the Month”

  1. Heard about this on radio. Great ideas to save! I heard something about planting a tree. How do I go about that?

    1. Yes we do! We have the MCEC Task of the Month brochure translated into both Spanish and Chinese. I’ll send you the Spanish version now!

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