Lights Out Campaign

5 Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) and a charter school participated in an energy saving campaign to reduce electricity use in schools by turning off the lights. The ‘Light’s Out’ campaign was piloted in April 2015 and rolled out district-wide in October 2015.


Some schools consume almost 50% of their electricity through lighting. MCCSC students and teachers are working to reduce consumption and cost by turning off classroom lights and relying on natural light whenever possible!

The graph below (created by AP Environmental Student Cecilia Brisuda using electricity consumption data captured by the BHSS pulse initiator) compares energy use at timed intervals on Mondays for both for the control weeks in September (blue line) and the challenge period in October (orange line). The changes are measured in kilowatt hours; for perspective, the school uses an average 2,845.3 kWh per day annually (the gray baseline), so the deep dives to minus 300 kilowatts really add up to savings.


The data analysis for BHSS and other participating MCCSC schools is still a work in process so we can’t yet provide totals on energy savings. Pulse initiator data is not available for all the schools so reconstructing differences in usage takes some guesswork and a huge amount of manual work. However, BHSS saw monthly electricity use drop from 85,306 kWh in September to 82,828 in October. Historically use is roughly equal in these two months. Preliminary analysis shows a statistically significant difference that can only be attributed to the Lights Out challenge. Data analysis for the challenge is integrated with a bigger project: building a prototype for energy consumption dashboards that will ultimately be displayed in the majority of MCCSC schools.