Small Business Energy Saver Program

Starting in 2018, the MCEC has partnered with SmartWatt and Duke Energy to promote the Small Business Energy Saver program (SBES). This incentive program offers eligible businesses substantial savings on energy efficiency improvements. SBES includes:

  • A free, no obligation energy assessment
  • Specific energy-saving recommendations tailored to each business
  • Project discounts of up to 80 percent of all material and installation costs paid upfront
  • Convenient installation scheduled around the customer’s needs

How the Process Works

  1. Contact SmartWatt Energy by filling out the online form to see if your business qualifies.
  2. Schedule your energy assessment at a time that is convenient to your business.
  3. SmartWatt Energy will review the results of your energy assessment with you, including the recommended energy-efficiency improvements and projected savings.
  4.  Schedule the installation of your energy-efficiency improvements. Project installations are always worked into your schedule at your convenience. 
  5. Minimal cost, immediate savings and speedy payback. You pay as little as 20% of the cost of the project and Duke Energy will pick up the rest. Along with energy bill savings that can exceed 20% every month, your upgrades quickly pay for themselves. 


If your business is a Duke Energy customer and has an average annual demand of 100 kW or less, you are eligible for the program! Participation per business is limited to 5 projects per year. 

Measures/Technologies Included in Assessment and Improvement

  • Lighting (LEDs: interior and exterior)
  • Refrigeration
  • HVAC (smart thermostats)

Sign Up!

Your business can join the over 1,500 projects that have been completed in Indiana since 2016! Just visit or call 855.322.0988 to learn more or schedule your free energy assessment.