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The Monroe County Energy Challenge (MCEC) is a broad coalition of community organizations collaborating to reduce energy use in Monroe County, Indiana. MCEC was created in response to the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a nationwide, two-year energy savings competition. MCEC is one of 50 communities competing to see who can reduce their electricity and natural gas use the most during the 2015-2016 competition period, by using innovative, broad-reaching methods.

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  1. I write bulletin announcements for First Presbyterian Church, which did the tasks-of-the-month three years ago. In order for our congregants to feel involved in the Energy Challenge, they need to know that their renewed efforts are being counted somehow towards your goals.

    It’s not clear from your website how you would tally the actions of our church members. Am I missing something?

  2. Hello Julianne! Great question! As part of the competition, all municipal, residential, and K-12 electricity and natural gas accounts in Monroe County will be a part of the competition. So, if individuals in your congregation reduce their energy use in their homes in 2015-16 compared to a 2013-14 baseline, then they will be helping us win the competition! And the opposite is true as well.

    We have partnered with Duke, Vectren, and the various REMCs in the region to get this data and to submit it to the hosts of the competition. We do not collect individual household data, only aggregate data, so we can only see how we are doing as a community.

    I hope this answers your question. Thanks for your interest!

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