Solar, Wind & Watts Roadshow Expansion

After a successful pilot program, the MCEC Solar, Wind and Watts Roadshow has received a grant from Duke Energy to expand the program into the Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation this spring!
Nine dedicated AP Environmental Science students from Edgewood High School are working with the younger students and are striving to reach over 500 students in RBBCSC.

The 2017 Roadshow kicked-off at Stinesville Elementary School with students grades 3-5 learning about energy conservation and renewable energy resources and continued on to Ellettsville Elementary last week.A student is amazed by the amount of energy a hairdryer uses, ~ 1,400W
Students learn how wind turbines generate electricity

A student pedals hard to light up LED and incandescent light bulbs, look how bright the LEDs are!

The 2017 Solar, Wind & Watts Roadshow  teaches young students about renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, through engaging hands-on activities and demonstrations.

We are also looking forward to teaming up with Harmony School and Bloomington High School South Environmental Science students to continue the program in MCCSC.

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