Renewable Energy Roadshow

The Monroe County Energy Challenge and high school Environmental Science classes from Harmony and Bloomington High School South are teaming up to teach local 2-4th grade students about energy efficiency and renewable energy resources!bulb-solar-panel-and-eolic-fan_1134-129

The program was designed by BHSS teacher Amanda Figolah and centers around upper-class high school students teaching younger students about the importance of conserving resources and saving energy.  Students will learn about renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power through engaging hands-on activities and demonstrations.  We plan to visit all MCCSC schools, RBBCSC schools, and independent schools in the upcoming year!

20161018_141045Lessons will be guided by representatives from the MCEC, Environmental Science students from Harmony school, and (pending final approval) AP Environmental Science students from BHSS. We are using this unique approach to teaching because we know that youth can be catalysts for change in our community and the world. It is our belief that young people have the environmental education, imagination and motivation to make positive changes in our world, and this program will encourage them to lead at a young age.

20161018_141524The program  design incorporates various ages of learners because conducting educational outreach provides older students with leadership experience, as well as can make the lessons more fun for the younger learners.

Activities include solar car races, discovering how wind turbines generate electricity, and exploring the watt demand of common appliances.


The Renewable Energy Roadshow launched on October 18th and will run on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons through November. All current dates are full and we will be visiting 6 schools, 16 classrooms and over 300 students in the upcoming month! If you would like the Roadshow to visit your school, please send an e-mail to and ask about future opportunitites .

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