Bloomington Hardware Joins the WPP as an Advanced Partner

Thank you to Bloomington Hardware, which joined the MCEC Workplace Partner Program as an Advanced Partner.  We are thrilled to have such a terrific family business on board!
20161008_124612Bloomington Hardware has been a part of Bloomington since the 1880’s. It has been in the Temple family since 1928 and at the corner of Covenanter Drive and College Mall Road since 1985. 

Bloomington Hardware is an integral part of our community,helping to support many youth and local organizations over the years. In October, they  supported the MCEC with Project Porchlight, an initiative to distribute 1,000 free LED light bulbs in order to encourage local residents to implement energy-saving practices and technologies in their homes.20161008_124335-2They helped the initiative by supplying discounted LED bulbs and helping us host a special event that allowed community members to pedal energy bikes, participate in energy conservation activities and learn methods of saving energy in their own homes.

20161008_141142-2Bloomington Hardware has also taken several steps to improve their environmental stewardship since the beginning the the nation-wide Georgetown University Energy Prize competition two years ago. Most recently, they upgraded their outdoor sign to LED (in process in the above photo) and offered educational opportunities for employees to learn about improving home energy efficiency and helping connect them to free energy assessments.

Learn more about Bloomington Hardware at or follow them on facebook.


Monroe County businesses and non-profits can now easily become active participants in the Monroe County Energy Challenge by joining our Workplace Partners Program.

The Workplace Partners Program (WPP) is based on the idea that workplaces can be a catalyst for positive change in our community. Commercial and institutional meters aren’t included in the competition, so the focus of the WPP is on encouraging a shift in employee behaviors at home. Sign on to become an MCEC Workplace Partner, and we will provide you with materials and information you need help your employees and customers save energy in their homes, while also making them more mindful of their energy use at your business!  Click here to see our options for involvement.

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