Scott and Ruth Sanders: Energy Leaders

Congratulations to Scott and Ruth Sanders for becoming MCEC  Energy Leaders!

WP_20160331_16_04_58_ProScott and Ruth were nominated as Energy Leaders because of their years of dedication to increasing energy efficiency and helping community members conserve energy.

Energy Leader Achievements:

  • Installed solar panels and a new high-efficiency furnace which reduced their energy use by 65%! Check out the graph to see weather normalized energy reduction.
  • Increased energy efficiency by installing double-paned windows, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators, R7 curtains, and adding an insulating blanket to the hot water heater.
  • Shared energy and sustainability knowledge with neighbors and community members

                                         Energy Usage Data: 2000-2016

*High-efficiency furnace installed 2007: Solar panels installed 2013

Sanders Data Graph

We are so proud to have such an inspiring couple in our community!

Know someone in the community who is making a huge difference? The Energy Leader award is presented to individuals that have shown significant achievements in energy efficiency and sustainability in Monroe County. Help us recognize these community all-stars by nominating an Energy Leader today!

Energy Leader Criteria:
To be considered for an Energy Leader award, individuals must display commitment to one or more of the following areas that have resulted in meaningful outcomes (on any scale):

– Improving home energy efficiency
– Sharing energy saving knowledge within the community
– Developing or utilizing innovative energy saving techniques
– Energy Ambassador certification or a member of a MCEC       committee dedicated to reducing energy consumption in Monroe   County.

Know an Energy Leader? Click here to make a nomination

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