Darrell Boggess: Energy Leader

Congratulations to Darrell and Kathleen Boggess for becoming MCEC  Energy Leaders!


Darrell was nominated as an Energy Leader because of his dedication to helping community members conserve energy for the past 3 decades.

Energy Leader Achievements:

  • Installed a solar air heater for his house in the mid-80s, his first step to drastically reducing his home energy usage
  • Installed solar panels in 2011 and has been producing surplus electricity since March 2012!
  • Upgraded to an energy efficient refrigerator, removed 2nd rarely used refrigerator, and switched from a full size upright freezer to a chest freezer to save energy
  • Contributor to the Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network (SIREN) and a popular presenter of SIREN’s Going Solar program. See sirensolar.org for more information
  • Helped many homeowners, his own church and many other congregations in Bloomington and statewide to make energy efficiency improvements and go solar.
  • Advocated to preserve net metering, which gives utility customers the right to fair compensation when they send excess power they generate from wind and sun to the electrical grid.

We are so proud to have such an inspiring couple in our community!

Know someone in the community who is making a huge difference? The Energy Leader award is presented to individuals that have shown significant achievements in energy efficiency and sustainability in Monroe County. Help us recognize these community all-stars by nominating an Energy Leader today!

Energy Leader Criteria:
To be considered for an Energy Leader award, individuals must display commitment to one or more of the following areas that have resulted in meaningful outcomes (on any scale):

– Improving home energy efficiency
– Sharing energy saving knowledge within the community
– Developing or utilizing innovative energy saving techniques
– Energy Ambassador certification or a member of a MCEC       committee dedicated to reducing energy consumption in Monroe   County.

Know an Energy Leader? Click here to make a nomination

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