MCEC’s First Neighborhood Energy Assessment Event

This past Saturday, we held our first neighborhood-wide energy assessment event. MCEC volunteers walked around Sycamore Knolls offering information and free assessments to households across the neighborhood. Residents were very interested in learning techniques and recommendations to conserve energy and save money in their homes. We were able to install weather-stripping on doors and windows, provide insight into where heat and cold air would be lost, and adjust water heater temps to operate more efficiently without sacrificing hot water.

Sycamore Knolls energy assessment promotion
Sycamore Knolls residents helping MCEC promote the neighborhood energy assessment.

Some of the homes we stopped by along the way took time out of their busy schedule to listen to our information. A few signed up for future assessments, and one had their free assessment on the spot! Although this was our first time through, we were able to make much progress in our desire to help our community become green and protect our environment through conscious energy usage and conservation.

As we move forward with this phase of the competition, we’ve asked these people to post to our website and comment on the quality of our assessments and if we could do anything better. We definitely learned a lot about some of the issues home owners face when dealing with energy efficiency, weatherization, and questions about future sustainable projects, and we hope they learned a lot too.

Contact us at to schedule an energy assessment event in your neighborhood, and communicate these programs to others so we can come by and save you energy (i.e. money!), make your home feel warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and help to make your energy bills weigh less on your mind.

Efficiency is all about basics

So  many of the things that make our homes more efficient are super basic, and so much of the super-basic stuff you need is at the hardware store.  Right?

So  this Saturday, July 11, the EnergyMobile (and interns Jeff Round and Katie Lay) will be hanging out at Bloomington Hardware from 11-1 to talk about the Challenge and help people get the things they need to save energy and money.   There will be a discount coupon for energy-efficiency-related items too!

Just a few examples of handy items at Bloomington Hardware and other hardware stores that will help you save money (and help us win $5 million):

  • Outlet timers
  • Outlet insulators
  • Weatherstripping
  • Air-conditioner covers (for cold weather)
  • Insulation
  • Caulking
  • Spray foam
  • LED bulbs
  • Laser thermometers

Come see us Saturday!