The EnergyMobile hits the road!

The brand spankin’ new EnergyMobile will hit the roads of Monroe County this Wednesday (May 27) with a tour of several local schools.

The vehicle will start out at Bloomington High School South at noon, then Marlin Elementary at 1pm, and Edgewood Primary School at 2pm.  Come check it out and learn more about the Energy Challenge!



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CCC grant will help lower lighting costs in schools

Monroe County Community School Corporation and Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation participated in a successful 2015 Community Conservation Challenge grant request headed up by the City of Bloomington.


The school corporations’ share of the grant proceeds will go to cost-saving LED lighting upgrades and motion sensors. LEDs draw far less power than existing lighting and motion sensors automatically turn out the lights after occupants leave a room. Lighting is a major operating expense for the schools.

Project Pavegen

Students at Bloomington High School South launched Project Pavegen on May 12, 2015. The launch marks the culmination of a year-long project involving scores of high school students, school administrators, two granting organizations, and one innovative international company.

Pavegen tiles “harness and convert kinetic energy from footsteps into a sustainable energy source.”  The energy will power LED display boards and real-time power statistics on the energy generated by walking on the tiles.  This will be a field trip destination for MCCSC students starting in Fall 2015, and it is a first for any public school in the U.S. Get the full story.

The student project team was composed entirely of volunteers, directed by Amanda Figolah, AP Environmental Science teacher at BHSS. Team members are shown here stepping onto one of the Pavegen tiles.

Pavegen_project team