Lights out

Marlin Elementary School’s Student Council, led by Rachel Melnick and Angela Harding, kicked off their first energy saving challenge this March. It is called “Lights Out.” Classrooms, as well as staff offices, are striving to flip their lights off when they can and optimize the use of natural light.

Student Council members have been running the challenge. They have been making “Lights Out” posters to post by light switches to serves as energy saving reminders. Second graders Elyssa  Moore and Nash Bruner show their posters in this photo.



Students and staff are recording their minutes spent without the use of light bulbs. At the end of each week student council members calculate and announce the amount of energy saved.

While Marlin is focusing on working together to save as much energy as possible, there is a small competition between classrooms to see who can save the most. Many classes are really getting into it. Some classrooms have had students tape down the light switches and challenge themselves to use no lights at all!

If other schools are looking for an easy way to start promoting saving energy in their buildings, “Lights Out” is an easy way to get things rolling. It is as simple as announcing the challenge to the school and creating a tracking sheet for students and staff to record minutes of “Lights Out.”

If you would like more information about this challenge or resources to get your school started feel free to email Angela Harding at

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