MCEC Named Semifinalist in GUEP Competition!

After months of prep work building partnerships between local governments, K-12 schools, electric and gas utilities, local businesses, non-profit organizations, individual volunteers, and so many others, MCEC was officially recognized as one of 50 communities across the nation to participate in the Georgetown University Energy Prize! MCEC is the only community in Indiana participating in the competition.

Semifinalists will be competing throughout 2015 and 2016 to see who can reduce their residential and municipal electricity and natural gas use compared to their baseline. Participants will also be judged by their ability to create a community energy reduction plan that is scalable, replicable, and that involves local K-12 schools. Review MCEC’s Energy Plan here. Let us know what you think. We would love to hear any and all feedback!

Thanks for your support! We look forward to an exciting two years!

-The MCEC Team

January Task of the Month

Each month, the Monroe County Energy Challenge will present a Task of the Month for people who are helping us save energy and work toward winning the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize.

The January Task of the Month is to lower your thermostat two degrees during the day and four degrees overnight. 

You can save two percent on your heating bills for each two degrees you turn down your thermostat for eight hours a day. For instance if your heating bill is $400 and you turn down thermostat just two degrees during the day and four degrees overnight, you could save eight percent, or $32.

For more info, check out our January Task of the Month flyer.

As you take this or other actions to reduce your energy use, we invite you to take our pledge.